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Start (or Grow!) Your Ecommerce Store on Shopify!

If you are selling products, apparel or anything tangible and you have not seen a 4-5 figure revenue, month consistently, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Consumers want your product and they want to buy it from YOU. So you ask, “What am I not doing?” The pandemic has accelerated the shift to online shopping. People that didn’t shop online were forced to and those that dabbled with online shopping, perfected it. Shopify has become a household name for those wanting to play in the world of ecommerce. It’s a simple platform that provides ease of use for even a novice seller. Although Shopify provides an easy solution to help you launch, support and grow your business, you still need to add a little sauce on it – and that’s where we come in. So, back to the original question, “What am I not doing?” Well, it’s simple – you lack EXPOSURE! People can’t find you in this plethora of online sellers OR your INCONSISTENTLY EXPOSED. With our lean SEO strategy, our lean digital marketing strategy and our custom approach to adding a lil personality to your brand, you can probably see an uptick of ~10-18% in revenue and/or awareness in less than a few weeks – and then it’s UP from there! Wanna learn a little bit about how we make it happen? Book a discovery call, it’s FREE and it’s FAST cause really, it doesn’t take all day to do anything, right?!