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About Us

Welcome to Parkland Consulting Group.

With more than 25+ years of experience in consulting, we have curated a team of professionals and certified experts that enable us to provide touch tier services to our clients.

Our main point of focus is transitioning! Transition is simply change but with elevation. Changing career paths, changing from career oriented to business focus, changing from solopreneur to entrepreneur, changing from small business thinking to small model enterprise mindset – whatever it is, wherever you are, transition is our sweet spot.

Our target is building successful businesses and guiding our clients through the terrains of growth, evolution and sustainability. As the business landscape continues to change, organizations large and small require the input of experienced consultants who can help them make key decisions about their operations and profitability. We assist our clients by stepping into complex situations and developing logical, consistent plans of action that help them meet their goals.

Each client presents their own unique challenges which is we don’t offer a one-size-fit-all approach. Our approach is custom and pivotable. If you are still thinking about your business as a “small” business and not a small model enterprise, you should schedule a complimentary discovery call to chat with one of our consultants. Remember to build a brand that is authentic and socially conscious. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Years of Experience


Unique Approach, Tangible Results

We have created a unique approach to help our members with achieving maximum results. Period. We understand the competitive advantages small model enterprises have over larger ones and we use that to our clients’ advantage. Do you know what your advantage is as a small model enterprise owner? Well, let me tell you what they are:

1. Faster decision-making process.
2. Target niche markets.
3. Empower and develop a team.
4. Direct economic impact in your community.
5. Ability to curate a personalized consumer experience.
6. Access to the owners… powerful position for business owners.
7. Ability to innovate faster.